Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zippin' at Camp Sabros 2009

From Collages
zippers' itinerary
06.00 am assembly time @ ecoland terminal
06.30 - 07.40 bus ride from davao terminal to digos terminal (bus fare @ p70.00)
07.40 - 07.45 tricycle ride to "old digos terminal" (tricyle fare @ p9.00)
07.45 - 08.30 waited for the van to be full (later on we hired the van/pakyaw @ p1,500.00)
08.30 - 09.30 van ride from "old digos terminal" to sitio barras check-point, brgy. kapatagan
09.30 - 10.00 uphill trek (horse ride @ p30.00/person)
10.00 - 12.30 zip, cable lift, rappelling, picture taking and lunch!
12.30 - 01.00 downhill trek (horse ride @ p30.00/person)
01.00 - 02.00 van ride from sitio barras check-point to "old digos terminal"
02.00 - 02.30 tricycle ride to nars! and digos terminal (tricyle fare @ p15.00)
02.30 - 03.30 bus ride from digos terminal to davao terminal (bus fare @ p70.00)

zip rides we tried.
p500 per pax - 380m & 400m zipline, treetop rappel and cable lift (kim and i)
p180 per pax - 380m zipline and cable lift (mj, melrose, ellen and jean)

an after-zip interview with the first time zippers:
#1 in one word, describe your camp sabros zip experience?
mj : exhausting!!! (i wonder why???)
kim: action-packed adventure!!! (two-words na man ni!)
cha: zipppppppp!!!

#2 was it worth zippin' at camp sabros? it has been a long and winding road to heaven...:)
mj : for experience...yes!
kim: yes!
cha: super!

#3 what were the things you would like to do while zippin' at camp sabros if only you could turn back time?
mj : nothin'. the minimum requirements were met! (mj has tried 380m zipline in superman position and a cable lift).
kim: i should have tried all zip lines! i was not prepared with all the possible things that might have happened. (thank god! nothing bad had happened to us.)
cha: i missed the tandem and superman position zip ride. i would really want to try it. uhmmm, 800m zip?? not sure! :) another thing, taking a video while zippin'.

#4 will you zip again?
mj : no! for experience it was worth it but to zip the 2nd time around. i might faint! that was a traumatic experience for me. i can't really explain how i felt that time. (mj has fear of heights. it's understandable.)
kim: yes!
cha: yes!

#5 rate your over-all camp sabros experience.
mj : 4
kim: 4
cha: 4

#6 what was/were your best and worst experience(s) in camp sabros?
mj: best experience would be the cable lift and worst experience was the zip itself.
kim: best experience would be the horse back riding and the zip. my worst experience was zippin' with a hungry stomach. i should have eaten a full breakfast meal!
cha: the rides were great but fears came in after the zip rides. ***late reaction*** i felt worst too when kim and i were lifted through a cable wire after rappelling down at a 80 feet tree. at first we were doing fine. then suddenly, the cable wire sounded weird. i asked our guide if the squeaking was normal but he hasn't answered me clearly. i was a bit flustered and looked for a safety line just in case we fell down. (we were at the top of the tree in one piece. safe and sound.) i would really appreciate if the guide were polite enough to inform me that it was normal. he just told me as soon as we arrived at the top "para surpise pud!"

some tips out of our experience:
  • hire a van going to camp sabros. we wasted an hour waiting for the van to be full. maybe it wasn't our day.
  • prepare for an erratic weather up there. it was sunny morning from davao to digos. however, as we climbed to brgy. kapatagan, it got colder and cloudy. we went down earlier than expected to avoid the rain. the uphill/downhill trek gets slippery when wet.
  • dress comfortably. bring jacket/sweater too.
  • eat before zippin'. bring a bar of chocolate to boost your energy. :)
  • video/cam (phones) should have slings to avoid loosing them. it was quite hard taking a video while zippin' if your gadgets do not have slings.
  • asked the local for other destination up there. we certainly missed kublai's house which was near the location and "mamalengke" at brgy. kapatagan proper.
happy zippin' :)


  1. hi prosperity!

    i created a digital collage using picasa 3. for more info you may follow this link:

    thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  2. ah ganun pala yun maam? try q rin kaya yang picasa (so far, naa ra koy installer wala na.install. hehe)

    sayang di ako nakasama punta ng camp sabros kasams ang cousins q last time @_@. may pics rin sana ako. ang cuz q gi.video niya pa sarili niya while "zipping." sana makapunta rin ako balang araw xD

  3. Nice Sabros pics... yung sa Sabros pics ko sa blog q October 2008 yun...

  4. @shinbei
    try mo rachene! :) it's super easy to use.
    wla jud ko ka try mgvideo while zippin'..wla man gud tali ako cellphone ba..basig mahulog pa lng. ;) maybe next time i'l post some videos while we were in the cable car and kadtong ngrapel pud mi. :)

    @rico nonles
    rics, ayos kau jud! pero after ngzip medyo na realize na ko na hadlok pud di ay! hehehe
    late reaction!!!

  5. ana mo..paibug kaau sa mga pics..wala jud ko ninyo giuban.. =( ..hehe..anyway, i'm glad you all had fun / enjoyed the last days of summer vacation..balik ta didto ha uban na jud ko ana..soooonn... :D

  6. mel..super! mangad2 ta ulit dd2! mg all zip ride ta..dala jud ta dapat ug video..ubana pud c ryan! hehehe :)

  7. wow! nice adventure maam. and thanx kay gibutang nmo expenses coz im so curious about it kay naa pud mi plans dra but dont know pila and wer papunta. :) :)

  8. your welcome janice! :) go! lingaw baya jud! :)

  9. haha hayahay oie

  10. haha wala lage si sir jo diha??? hadlok ma putulan ug cable haha...GaRy

  11. gar! kaabot na jd ka!
    hay, magpakasal na gud cya. kaya ngpuyo na to! :)