Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sa Wakas Graduate na jud Sila!

this year has been ever so fruitful and i felt blessed as i was given a chance to be part of my students’ journey (to stardom??? hehehe). last march 28, 2009, the 58th commencement exercises of brokenshire college was held at the cap auditorium. this has been the concluding rites for my CS 4th year students as they have finished all their academic requirements. whew!

i can vividly remember, (it was june of this academic year) the first meeting of our CS 401 thesis 1 class. everbody was excited, agitated...uhm mixed emotion kay graduating na lagi daw. after an hour of orientation in thesis writing and some pep talk, i shared my wishful thinking with them that "unta tanan jud mu sabay mag-graduate. pirmi man gud summerian ang mga cs…maayo pa ang mga it naa jud mugraduate pag-march". this has been our prayer since then.

for the first quarter of the semester, they are required to propose 3 titles/software projects. upon careful selection, panelists were able to choose one among the proposals and gave their recommendation for each individual or team project. for final quarter of the semester, they have undergone the thesis 1 defense. grabe! this is it!

then, second semester came along. at this time, they were expected to build and implement their proposed software project. mao na jud ni! sleepless nights, eye bags, dark circles around the eyes, overnights and over days came. some of them got sick because of stress and pressures. mao bitaw sige ta kaon everytime magcheck ta sa inyo theses. whew….makapurdoy na gud! hehehe.

thesis defense na jud! revisions...revisions...ug revisions pa jud...
i was with them, kina jollie...tapos kina bia na pud...whew!
maayo na lng abunda sa food! hehehe
i thought these will never end. pero nahuman ra pud! thank god!

all’s well that ends well.

we celebrated our victory with a feast!
strawberry ice cream, chocolate chips cookies and choco-strawberry filled cake and polvoron by goldilocks! salamat sa mga sponsors! last but not the least, party hopping after the graduation! ^^

from the bottom of my heart, congratulations to jollie ann baranggan, jhanikka bia faune, mary jane norab, rochen nacua, nilsgorette tabiosa and cristo rey suralta! don't stop chasing your dreams!

naa na jud manghud na mag-pulis, daddy ug mommy na lipay kau, brother na makapadayun ug eskwela, mama ug papa na mahuwasan kay graduate na jud ang anak after 7 years!, mama ug igsoon na masuporta-an ug proud na mama ug papa kay cum laude ang anak!

"for i know the plans i have for you," declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
~~~ jeremiah 29:11 niv ~~~

to god be the glory.

3rd Year IT Students Sponsored a Seminar on "Best Practices in Systems Management and Administration"

last february 28, 2009, 3rd year IT students of brokenshire college has sponsored a half-day seminar titled "best practices in systems management and administration" at avr-1 as their concluding activity for IT 304 course.

invited speakers were mr. oliver nueva ecija of mis department of brokenshire college and mr. valentin peter apostol iii of bir xi. sir oliver has discussed on current trends and issues in information technology, best practices in systems management and administration and has identified the skills needed as systems manager and/or administrator. he also described what were the tasks at hand as a savvion business manager systems administrator of the college.

on the other hand, sir val has shared his knowledge in web administration of davaosale.com (yep, davao's version of ebay.com). he spoke about its history, services, innovation within its realm and how he and his partners were able to make it this far in the web industry. this has raised the curiosity among the students on technopreneurship (technology + entrepreneurship).

after their presentations, students were given the chance to react, raise their queries and concerns and were not let down by the responses of the speakers.

this endeavor is not made possible without the continuous support of ms. jennifer pido, information science department program head and the teamwork and commitment showed by the 3rd year IT students in preparing the whole event.

to all 3rd year IT students, job well done! =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Reading Escapade <3

hay, maka miss pud di-ayi pag dili ko maka post sa ako blog.

just to give you an overview, i've done this blog as a sample for my ce 2 class project. i did not give them any final exam. therefore, everybody is forced (forced jud?? hehehe) to blog. i do hope others find this fun after all the pressures we got from various activities we attend to. i guess this is another alternative way to relax! in short, mag blog aron mgpahungaw sa atong gibati! =)

actually, ako yata na pressured ron! after collecting everybody's url..whew..i will be reading 6*45 blogs. ngano lagi blog man pud imo gi-paproject! dah! sa sunod dili na jud blog.hehehe. to date..i am still reading section f blogs. hmmm. 3 more sections to go. i really want to post some comments on blogs that caught my attention or interest. however, mag-take jud ug time...lalo na kung kelangan magverify hay...maka-lagot..pwede gud to tanggalon ang verification. guys, sori jud. dili na kaya sa akong powers! maybe later on i will summarize in here what i have read..lalo na katong mga lingaw na posts. mag-rest sa ko basa kay nose bleed na...warning! information overload! hehehe..

cge, kay mgbasa pa ko taud-taud...

to be continued <3

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ITE Olympiad 2009 Programming Contest

brokenshire college has competed for the ite olympiad 2009 - programming contest sponsored by cdite xi and addu. it was held last february 21, 2009 at addu matina campus.

brokenshire college - team scarfly were astrud jobim moralde - cs 3rd year, hermoso tupas jr. - it 3rd year, lex matayabas - cs 2nd year and sir meljohn aborde as team coach

programming languages used for this for competition were either java or c++ and has followed the acm standards. there are about 13 schools from region xi and xii who participated this event.

cream of the crop: up-mindanao - 1st place, uic - 2nd place, addu - 3rd place and ndmu - 4th place. congratulations to everyone! (only 3 out of 6 problems were solved in three hours)

From Collages
by the way, it was also chinky's birthday (astrud)! after a long long day we celebrated the team's participation and endeavor with a cake and cheeseburger coke float meal!

we knew that they have tried their best! =) see you in the next ite olympiad 2010!

have a great day! =)