Saturday, May 9, 2009

Issue nº 197 : The Measure of Love


“I have always wanted to know if I was able to love like you do,” said the disciple of a Hindu master.

“There is nothing beyond love,” answered the master. “It’s love that keeps the world going round and the stars hanging in the sky.”

“I know all that. But how can I know if my love is great enough?”
“Try to find out if you abandon yourself to love or if you flee from your emotions. But don’t ask questions like that because love is neither great nor small. You can’t measure a feeling like you
measure a road: if you act like that you will see only your reflection, like the moon in a lake, but you won’t be following your path.”

p.s. you may visit for more interesting articles by paulo coelho. i am also a subscriber to WOL group. my first encounter with paulo coelho was through (one of his books) THE ALCHEMIST. it was truly an amazing story. a must read book if i may say. the following were the books i have read by this author.

From Collages

there were other titles i would really want to read soon.
these are available at a local bookstore @ p245.00 in paperback.
the winner stands alone (2008)
the magician, fernando morais (2008)
the witch of portobello (2006)
like the flowing river (2006)
the devil and miss prym (2000)
the manual of the warrior of light (1997)
love letters from a prophet (1997)
maktub (1994)
o dom supremo: the greatest gift (1991)
brida (1990)
you may also visit paulo coelho's official website
happy reading! ^_^


  1. hi teacher. love mo din pala paulo coelho. ganda ng books nya :)

  2. @cantonese
    yep. i'm a great fan of paulo coelho! :)

  3. hahaha...lov 8!
    fan pud d.i ka n Paulo Coelho mam?
    aq pud!
    bgo lng gni naq na tapus ug read ang
    'by d revr of Piedra i sat down & wept'
    ang ganda!
    mas ayus ang 'd alchimst' sa tanan nya na book...

  4. guel, i guess the alchemist is still the best.

    i have just finished "the witch of portobello", ayos pud. il try to make a post about it.(if naa pa ko time...)

    the 5th mountain, touching kau!
    nice ang love story ng by the river ...
    and eleven minutes, liberating kau to!

    keep on reading!