Thursday, May 14, 2009

Speed Testing - Wired Mumbling

yesterday, our globe broadband connection (up to 1mbps package) was installed at last. everybody was estatic with it, especially my parents. they are digital immigrant and trying hard to catch up with today's technology.

unfortunately, the experience was quite frustrating that night. my father was surfing the web and looking for certain videos on sustainable agriculture. 48 years kaayo! the waiting time is excruciating. it would take several seconds (~12s) to fully view a webpage and video streaming and downloading files were worst. maybe because everybody was online and everything was shared. however, there should be a decent speed rate during peak hours. another thing, the line was choppy. i do not know if globe is experiencing a network problem at this time.

i checked the internet speed that we were getting thru and here are the results:

my father woke up this morning at 5.30 am just to look for videos and it went ok. :)

i don't know when will it last. i hope it gets better day by day. ^^

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