Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late Night TV Watching - KKK

yesterday night at around 9.30pm, i was watching the pilot episode of "only you" with my sister. during commercial breaks, she hopped from one channel to another, and then came across with channel 7. we curiously stick to it.

it was a debate structured program titled "kuro-kurong kabataan" (KKK) hosted by atty. karlo nograles and monique musni. i hope i got their names right. i am not too sure if it was a new episode, since we were able to view a part of it only, near the ending. this was held at usep social hall and was participated by the usepians themselves. there were also 3 guest (i think they were...) professors from different universities who gave their views, reactions and clarifications on the topic as well.

i was listening attentively to their discussion on the revival of death penalty in the country in terms of practicality and its benefits, and how the students made their stand with their respective houses the affirmative and negative. it is noted that the capital punishment of the country is life imprisonment.

the affirmative house said that if a person is convicted of life imprisonment, that person is of zero-valued since it could no longer contribute to the society because he was confined behind bars. they have raised that implementation of the said law does not mean that the government is anti-life but instead would like to preserve and secure the life of the majority. furthermore, they have given due emphasis that death penalty does not take away the right to live of a convicted person and he/she deserved it because they have engaged into heinous crime and have taken their victim's right to live also. "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth".

on the other hand, the negative house believed that death penalty will not lessen the current crime rates and will not lure bad elements not to engage into this unlawful activities. furthermore, death penalty does not answer the root causes of these problems. thus, implementation of the said law has no direct relationship to country's crime rates. perhaps, the government must seek alternative solution to answer these predominant social problems which led to violence. finally, a crime can not be corrected with another crime, of which the government has to kill a murderer, a rapist and the like to attain social justice. punishment of life-time imprisonment is hard enough for a convicted person. they pointed out that "habang may buhay may pag-asa". with life imprisonment, they are given chance for transformation, repentance and enlightenment. above all, nobody is perfect and everyone has to be forgiven.

it was really a heated debate of different views! =)

happy watching ^^


  1. please look forward for our next episode of kkk. we might tackle the issues, the right to reply or the reproductive health bill. you can also watch kkk, at skycable channel 28 and southspot channel 13. more power to your blog.