Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farm Town Mania

recently, i recieved an apple tree from roxy. this has introduced me to farm town. out of curiousity and boredom, i checked it out!

farm town is an application in facebook were you can "design, grow, maintain your farm and even send gifts to your friends". as a farmer, you plow fields, plant seeds and trees, harvest your crops or hire somebody to do that for you, sell your crops in the marketplace. sometimes, you are also asked to water or take weeds on somebody's farm. this is totally amusing.

at first, i was completely lost. i tried to be familiar with the tools and started farming with 200 coins and an apple tree. after learning some basic farming actions, it came so easy and fun! especially if you got good neighbors who can teach you on what to do. i got one! sir james a.k.a. don santiago, hired me to harvest his crops and taught me how to do it. visiting his farm was another thing to do. i like his farm a lot. i definitely love this game! :)

i was also hired by another farmer. i don't know him. i forgot his screen name. i met him at the market place. his farm has fruit bearing trees, potato fields and a number of farm animals. it was a big harvest and i earned about 3000 coins on that. it is like you got a real farm! :)

i hope i am not addicted to this. :) yesterday, before leaving for a badminton practice, i log on to facebook and checked my farm. it alerted me that there were crops ready for harvest. i am 45 minutes late and i need to go. good thing! mj was there and was willing enough to play the game for me. i think he had fun too! after all my crops were harvested and sold to the marketplace, he plowed the fields and planted strawberries and rice for me. :) small joys!

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happy farming! ^_^ special thanks to roxy, sir james, mj and to my new neighbor jamie. xoxoxo


  1. wow... malapit na ba harvest time? good to see you enjoying the game.hehe

  2. ye, 2 weeks na ko ngdula ani! hehehe. mao wla ko kadula pa sa travian! hehehe. tnx sa comment!
    im level 14 na sa farm town! ^_^

  3. ako, bago lang ngstarst..thanks to you chang2x na addict na pud ko apil..nalingaw kau ko sa iya..unta lang dili na sya iblock

  4. mel..hehehe..ayos kau noh??! lingaw jud! keep it going. ako level 16 to date. unta dli na lagi iblock uy..unsaon na lng to akong mga gone to waste na jud to.hehehe ^_^