Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a Monday. Back2Work

holy week is over, everybody's back to work.
(i hope everyone had a meaningful week!)

first things first. i checked my emails of which i have 2 active personal emails and 3 other emails for work related purposes communication. i signed in on my yahoo messenger account thinking that someone might have left messages over the weekend and visited my "blogspot". whew, just missed writing something in here.

after an hour or so, i was really into reading some articles, studying on terms and digesting definitions of which has led me to information overload at that time. then, an unexpected text message came from my sister ate che, breaking the news that my brother macmac has decided to worked at riyadh, k.s.a. as a waiter and was told to go home earlier than expected because we need to talk about it as a family.whew.

i was a bit blue by that news. if this will be pushed through i will surely miss my brother. at first, i really do not like the idea because he has not finished his college degree yet. bugoy man gud! sige dula ug RPG! he is turning 24 this coming may. i almost forgot... he is old enough to decide to whatever, whichever he wants or needs to do. it seems that everything is a GO. no need to talk about it. my parents explained to me that sthis might be an answered prayer. he does not want to go to school for the moment. no plans at all. with this offer to work abroad,it changed him...maybe the eagerness and his decisiveness to work. as commonly said, "opportunity knocks only once". maybe the is IT! hmm, other questions keep popping on my mind...hmmm...

i guess if it is meant for him, then everything will fall into its places. i believe god has greater plans in mind for him...and we need to support him as a family. may this brought him to greater heights of his personal encounter with the one above.

"if you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
~~~ paulo coelho ~~~

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