Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Get Together with College Friends

i was really excited when sony told me that coney and her family is coming over for a summer holiday! wow, what a great treat! yipppeee. i will have those pasalubong from canada. hehehe. true enough, i did have it! the garnier shampoo really works for me. thanks con! mwah.

what did we do? we eat out! things in life are free! hehehe. blow out courtesy of con and jou! after which, we went for a movie treat @ gaisano mall cinema! duol lang! ayos, dili kaayo layo from my place! hehehe. we watched T2. lingaw jud! i think it was not that scary but when jou shared something... i will not discuss it in details here...goosebumps hit me!

it was almost midnight and everybody was looking for a place to go for a drink and some music. everyone was in a disco fever mode! ay, sila lang di ay! hehehe. so we went to autoshop. since it was a tuesday, it was really expected that bars along autoshop was quite deserted...buti na lng na isipan nilang magcoffee na lang! baktas we were at tata benito's A Whole Latte Love. nice ambiance......nice coffee...uhm, nakalimot ko sa ako gi-order! =) and a bit pricey. what do you expect from a coffeshop? nagcoffee ka pa! hehehe.

it was in the wee hours (1.30am, tingali to!) that we parted. ako, niuli na. klase pa man gud pagka 8am...wala pa ko ka prepare sa ako klase. waaa. but others has opted to find another destination for a drink and some chikka pa!=)

From Collages
p.s. it was really nice meeting yesa, botskie's girlfriend and rhea, joelan's girlfriend.
photos courtesy of sony sevilla 4/21/2009. thank you son!
we did have fun! love ko 'to!


  1. yesa pud ang name cha... waaaaaaaaaaa
    dghana na namo na yesa oi. hehe

  2. yep, ye!

    nakalimot lng ko sa iya ful name...but definitely not ariesa...hehehe

    ye, mis u na!