Friday, February 13, 2009

Ang faculty and staff day dri sa brok! =)

everybody has gathered for this annual event to celebrate faculty and staff day. i guess, it is an old tradition here in brokenshire college to celebrate FS day on or before valentine's day. double celebration jud! advance happy valentine's day to everyone! (actually triple celebration, advance happy birthday melody!)

i can say that it was the most memorable FS day ever! (i have worked here since 2006.) i will not highlight the not so good things that have happened but the thoughtfulness that my students have shown to me (us) through gift giving, warm greetings and big smiles. that made my day!

one more thing, i have not played around that much since college. instead of a formal celebration for FS day, students organization leaders have lined up many traditional games! lingaw kau!..abi na ko lisud maglakaw sa bao. ok lng, nakahuman ra pud ko. =)

have a great day! =)

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  1. hi maam?
    blated happy teachers day..
    nice lay.out.
    hmmmm. I read all of ur articles..
    No comment...
    tnx for being a good teacher to us and
    keep safe and GBU.