Saturday, February 21, 2009


friday is my breather day! thank god, the week has ended. therefore, i can get a lot of sleep. hmmm, but it was a bit crazy for me yesterday. =)

first, i missed my ce 2 class with section 2c. this has been for three straight weeks already. =\ i did plan to have a make up class as suggested by my immediate supervisor. however, i found out that students of this section have different class schedules due to some course advances they have enrolled during summer. in short, lisud sila mahagilap! whew. because of the recent college activities, i was really concerned with this section. i hope they have learned something from me even if we missed a number of class sessions. i guess, there is no justice for them if all i could say is "sige lang, bright man na sila na mga studyante". besides, i do not believe in mediocrity. even if ce 2 is a minor subject, everybody needs to study, improve their computing skills and excel in all aspects of our class endeavor.

yesterday's main event: i accompanied my students riza loryn montayre and glecille anne moreno, brokenshire college representatives for 2009 ite olympiad - quiz bowl contest sponsored by cdite region xi and philnits at um matina campus. it was finally concluded yesterday. unfortunately, the team did not bag any place but have done their job very well. i was proud of them for they have tried and given their best. outcome of the event - jmc 1st place, up-min 2nd place and dnsc 3rd place. congratulations to everyone!

in the afternoon, a number of students stayed at um matina for the annual students' it congress while we attended psite xi monthly seminar workshop at addu.
what a great week to end! TGIF!

by the way, happy birthday mama! =) we love you so much!

have a great day!=)


  1. congrats to your students chang...better luck next time! =D

  2. Hi mam... hehehe karon pko kasulod ani nga web site... we love you mam! hehehe