Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poetry 101

during my college days, i was able to write a couple of verses. i got here two poems that i have created. i hope you will like them.

A Day to Live
make each morning a brand new start
yield goodness from innermost heart
reminisce a joyful moment inspirit a disheartened soul
listen to the voice deep within
look beyond what the eye can see
seek the beauty of tomorrow
increase heartwarming affection
open the door to happiness
sieze opportunity that knocks
overcome the trials of life
nourish the heart with thanksgiving!

Black Imagination
yellow magic flowers whimsically wither
against the cool blue skies
the sun withold its gleaming rays
and nighttime seems forever blue
the rainbow felt jaded in heavens
after a raging perfect storm
the music of silence seems out of tune
against the fury of uproaring waves
then, a faintest star looks lost
in the midst of cold clouded night
silver moonlight gazes slowly...fadingly...above the shadows of blueblack night
words fit no more with their meanings
as the nightingale fails to sing by heart
when the quest turns weary... ceases...like a sunken empty chest of gold
found beneath the sea of great unknown
candle burns out in the break of dawn
breathing breathlessly the spirit of being


  1. ang lalim naman...keep it coming chang...set your inner writer free (char) hehehe