Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scuba Diving @ Talicud Island 2008

scuba diving, have u tried it?

i guess it was one of the best things that we have done last year. together with my friends (kimmy, mj, kid ,sir joel and his girlfriend dimple) we have explored the underwater nature of talicud island last june 2008.

the weather was partly cloudy and was rain early in the morning. nagbaha pud ato on some parts of davao! we thought we could not push through with the adventure but thanks to the people at carabao dive center who assured us that the weather was fine for diving! =) dli bya ko kabalo maglangoy, unsa on na lang!!!

kim and i have done a little research about scuba diving. the pros and cons and some do's and dont's just to calm our nerves. before we jumped off the boat, there was a talk about what to do and expect under the water. these were some of the things i learned (actually, mao na lang ni ako maremember! hehehe):

  • you don't need to be a swimmer to dive. the scuba instructor will guide you all the way. you float because of the apparatus that is attached to you. =) thank god!
  • there are some hand signals that you need to memorize (since you can not talk underwater) such as when you think you are in trouble, when you are ok, going up and down. note: thumbs up sign is going up instead of OK! =)

on the average, you will be in the water for about thirty minutes. i found it bitin! kulang pa jud! the time we spent was not enough for me. it was really fun to touch slimy soft corals, as well as the hard ones. there are so many colorful fishes that i have seen there. tiny fish..small fish..medium fish..big fish? wala y shark didto at that time. hehehe. it was a breath taking experience for me. hmmm, lingaw jud.

uhmmm, one more thing. i missed nemo down there. sayang!

have a great day!

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