Monday, July 27, 2009

What's taking your breath away?

yesterday night at around 10.45pm, i was about to sleep when my phone rang. joel reyes...calling.

usually, sir joel calls late at night to ask on an urgent matter.
"cha, may pasok ba bukas?".yes of course! there was no memo being circulated at brokenshire college on class suspension due to GMA's SONA or with INC's 95th~ founding anniversary.

"cha, wag kang mabigla ha. wala na si avorque. andito ako ngayon sa angel. sabihan mo si mam anna na totoo talaga ito. hindi ito joke". ha?? unsa daw??

"sir pagtarong ba. ayaw pag atik-atik dra!!" these were the words that i could utter at that time.

"naa man uban students diri", sir joel answered back and mentioned that chinky was there. i asked him to give her the phone so that i could talk to her.

"mam tinuod jud. wala na si avorque....". i was really speechless.

words will never be enough to express what we felt right now with the lost that we are experiencing. as soon as i woke up this morning, i checked my facebook account...wall comments have been posted about francis' death and friend's well wishes. i checked on his wall comments and some other stuffs. i browsed my acquaintance party photos taken just this friday, thinking whether i have taken pictures of him during the party. i got a picture of him with his classmates...smiling. :) as well as a video on my phone on their boys over flower spoof!

talking with his classmates brought memories of him as my student and as their friend. my last encounter with him was at the waterworld (during the acquaintance party): nasa duyan ako with ronalyn. when ronalyn left me, he asked me kung pwede siya ang mupuli..makiduyan. "sure, dali!", i said.

life is too short...really short. every now and then, death is a reality check for me.
got to live more. love more. share more. bring out the best out of someone. be the best of me.

i will surely miss you vorkz!

now is the time. :)

live like there's no tomorrow. carpe diem...seize the day!

"life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."
~~author unknown

by the way, what's taking your breath away?


  1. Cha, si kinsa na? pwede post ug picture?

  2. ye naa sa IS Acquaintance Party 2009 na post.
    bottom-left pic. sitting next to the guy wearing a cap.