Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3rd Year IT Students Sponsored a Seminar on "Best Practices in Systems Management and Administration"

last february 28, 2009, 3rd year IT students of brokenshire college has sponsored a half-day seminar titled "best practices in systems management and administration" at avr-1 as their concluding activity for IT 304 course.

invited speakers were mr. oliver nueva ecija of mis department of brokenshire college and mr. valentin peter apostol iii of bir xi. sir oliver has discussed on current trends and issues in information technology, best practices in systems management and administration and has identified the skills needed as systems manager and/or administrator. he also described what were the tasks at hand as a savvion business manager systems administrator of the college.

on the other hand, sir val has shared his knowledge in web administration of davaosale.com (yep, davao's version of ebay.com). he spoke about its history, services, innovation within its realm and how he and his partners were able to make it this far in the web industry. this has raised the curiosity among the students on technopreneurship (technology + entrepreneurship).

after their presentations, students were given the chance to react, raise their queries and concerns and were not let down by the responses of the speakers.

this endeavor is not made possible without the continuous support of ms. jennifer pido, information science department program head and the teamwork and commitment showed by the 3rd year IT students in preparing the whole event.

to all 3rd year IT students, job well done! =)

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